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Welcome Back

Just wanted to share a picture of my first skirt. The fabric is royal blue polyester cotton. I went with an elastic waist as the style tends to fit me well. I was considering using the cord I made to thread through the casing but I wasn’t convinced by my current skill level with button holes with my machine, so went with elastic instead.

My First Skirt

My First Skirt

The instructions I used to draft the pattern were from Sew What skirts which I reviewed recently. I’ve had the book and the fabric for a few years now, but only recently discovered where to buy pattern paper.

I was very lucky to get a bargain of a nearly new roll of pattern paper on Ebay! So now I’m having a play designing different kinds of patterns. My MIL gave me Winnifred Aldrich book for my birthday, its one big step up from where I am right now but since I am in-between sizes of commercial patterns, I would have to learn how to make lots of alterations to them anyway. At which point if I was going to have to learn all that, I figured why not learn how to draft to my own measurements, at least the patterns I draft should be nearer to my size and then I have full freedom as to the length of things (being a shortie at 5 foot 3) most patterns are designed for people much taller any way.

Wish me luck with it, I’ve also been creating a pattern from an old pair of shorts, which from the test pair I’ve made, are going well. At last I’ll get designs I want to wear without the low slung waists (which I hate) in fabric I like. woo hoo. No more static fests with viscose which seems to be all you can get on the high street.

BIG learning curve and a million miles from the bags I originally wanted my sewing machine for. My late mother would be proud, she used to make all my clothes and spoilt me for expecting things to fit. After she passed away and I found shop clothes such poor fit and quality it was a bit of a shock, such a shame I didn’t have longer with her and the patience to learn when she tried to teach me.

Fingers crossed with some time and patience (who me?!) that I’ll be able to make designs I like, my way and that they will fit. If my Mum who didn’t go to university or study fashion for years could make wonderful clothes, maybe the genes are there and I’ll be able to too.

How about you, what do you like to make with your machines?

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon

Billie 🙂

PS More art when my hands work better! Fine motor skills are beyond me at the moment.


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