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In today’s post I would like to introduce our Featured Artist, for June 2010.

Sherry Cheever

Sherry Cheever

I discovered her work thanks to a Spellbinders Blog Hop but for those of you who haven’t yet found Sherry Cheever, here is a little more about her and her work.

Who you are: 

SC: Sherry Cheever a/k/a BadSherry on Splitcoaststampers a/k/a Her Royal Badness

Where you are (which country you are based in)?

SC:  I live in Jeffersonville, Indiana, USA

What you do:

SC: I am a freelance paper arts designer and currently design for Spellbinders Blog Team, Just For Fun Rubber Stamps, Stamp Simply Ribbon Store

What got you started in your creative journey?

SC: I have always been a crafter.  I began at a very early age painting, knitting, etc. and in High School, Art was one of my favorite classes.  I went away to college majoring in Physical Education with a minor in art.  At the end of my sophomore year I wanted to switch to an art major and when I couldn’t get the classes I wanted, I threw my hands up and got married instead.  During the summers of my college years I painted watercolor pictures of the race cars at the dad’s race track and sold them.    I began rubber stamping in 1990 but with children on the run, I set it aside for some years. 

Around 2004 I started cross-stitching shadow boxes for friends and decided that stamping them would be more colorful and quicker.   It wasn’t long that I was full-fledged into making cards and totally addicted to the art.  I haven’t stopped since!

What inspires you: 

SC: This is a hard one to answer as my mind runs constantly and I can see inspiration in anything I pick up.  I simply see something, like an old wood box, and I know immediately what I can and want to make with it.  It’s just finding the time to make it happen!

If money,time and obligations were no object, what you would most like to do?

SC: What I’m doing now!  The only thing I would change would be having a separate house/cabin that I could use as a studio where I would have plenty of room for classes, work space and storage.  I find it amazing that I’m 51 years old and I’m finally doing what I have been meant to do my entire life  . . . make art!  It was a long time to get here, full-time jobs, raising children, part-time jobs, etc., but I’m here.  My secret desire is to have a private island, with all my crafty friends living on the island as well, and we would have cabana boys to see to our every whim.  Of course, this would mean winning the lottery, but one would have to buy tickets for that, and I can’t see wasting money on lottery tickets.

What do you enjoy most about your creative work/life?

SC: Working on my own time and not having to get dressed and leave the house every day.  If I want to sit in my pajamas and work, I can!  I can also work when the idea strikes whether it’s early morning or late at night!


To find out more about Sherry Cheever and her work, please visit her blog details below. Her papercraft designs are awesome.

Sherry’s Blog

Sherry’s Favourite Links:

SC: My Favorite Shopping:

Eclectic Paperie

Stamp Simply Ribbon Store

Thanks to Sherry for being our Featured Artist of the Month for June 2010.

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon

Billie 🙂


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