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Welcome Back

In today’s post  I want to share a close up of the handmade sketch book I made a while ago.

My handbound Travelling sketchbook

My handbound Travelling sketchbook

The binding style is longstich, as it opens flat. The cover is leather, which came from Ebay 😉 You’ll remember the story, where I discovered just how BIG whole hides are!!! I’m such a townie, didn’t think it would be THAT big hehe. I’ve named her (the hide) Daisy and she lives in the studio. {Is that weird?…Little bit!}

My handbound Travelling sketchbook; longstitch binding style

Longstitch binding style

For the signatures, I’ve used half cartridge paper and the other half is watercolour paper, this way whatever style of sketch I want to do is possible. The book is A6, which is a nice size to put in your bag and not too heavy. For extra stability, I’ve got a piece of matboard loose in there, between the signatures.

Contents of handbound sketchbook

Contents of hand bound sketchbook, the advantage of binding yourself is you can choose the paper, and even have multiple kinds in one book.

When you bind your own sketchbook, you can select the kinds of paper you want to use. It would be difficult to find a commercially made book which had different kinds of paper half way through wouldn’t it. This way I only need to carry one book not two 😉

Best wishes

Billie 🙂


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