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For a few years now I have been considering starting an art journal. I am a big fan of Suzi Blu and her inspirational videos really made it look a lot of fun, I wanted to try but was afraid of ‘doing it wrong’. Suzi Blu showed a trailer for Julie Prichard’s Layer Love class and mentioned Julie’s blog. After seeing more art journaling there and an advert for a new magazine that Julie was featured in by Somerset Studio called ‘Art Journaling’ I decided to take a look.

The magazine had been out for a while by the time I found it, but there was still a digital version available. Looking at the few pages offered as a taster of the magazine I decided to buy it. What can I say…OMG! This was a revelation, a publication full of amazing images of different styles of Journals and from many artists. The publication has advice on choosing pens, journals, glues etc. There are interviews with many artists and a whole host of links, to those artists websites and blogs.


Reading this issue got me off the fence and I started an art journal of my own, and it is just as much fun as people say it is. There is so much inspiration in that publication, all in one place together. I finally realised that like any other creative endeavour that there are as many different styles as there are artists. There is no wrong way, you journal in a way you like, it is your journal after all. There is a picture of a journal page on the top of page 29 that really called to me. I believe the work is by LK Ludwig. The image is of a man holding a birds wings, and the text below reads;

‘He offers you wings and asks the question

Can you forget your fear of falling long enough to fly?’

That totally summed up my feelings towards art journaling, I did want to do it, I was just afraid of falling and getting it wrong. It was fear preventing me from starting a journal and after reading this magazine and visiting the wonderful websites of the artists featured, I was hooked.


Is Art Journaling Magazine for me?


Buy this magazine if you can say yes to the following;

You want to find out what art journaling is all about?

You want to find links to superb artists, for inspiration?

Although the physical issue 1 has sold out there is still a digital version available to download. Issue 2 came out 1st September 2009.


This has taken my creative journey to a whole new land of possibilities. It is one of the best presents you could buy for your creative side. Go check it out on the links below.



Stampington and Company

Art Journaling

Art Journaling Issue 1 (Digital download)


Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon


Billie 🙂


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