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Welcome Back

Do you love to write, and want to get back to pen and paper rather than all those screens? Maybe you want to start a diary, journal, or are looking for a beautiful note books for your ideas or poetry, that novel you always wanted to write. Perhaps u need gift ideas for those in your life who write. Today I’ll share some supplies I love and where to buy them.


Stationary Island

A5 Stationary Island Notebooks
Stationary Island notebooks in A5.

Well, don’t even ask how many journals I have coz I ain’t gonna tell ya 🙄 but I love silky smooth paper and the sort that won’t bleed ink through to the next page. For that reason, my journal of choice is made by a company called Stationary Island. There is a choice of colours, they have dot grid, lined and plain journals, though availbility and colours offered varies. I use this for dot grid type journalling and the plain one for stories and poems.

Stationary Island are sold on Amazon but they also have their own website. https://stationeryisland.com/


A few of my Filofax organisers
Filofax Joy

I am also a fan of Filofax organizers for their versitility. There are many sizes, colours and materials, so you are sure to find something you will like. There are lots of different inserts to choose from to customise it, and you can buy punches so you can create your own pages, so if you want to use your own favorite papers in there you can. This is the UK site but they sell around the world. https://uk.filofax.com/

Here is my previous post about them. https://billiescraftroom.wordpress.com/2019/07/15/journal-joy/

As a total planner girl, (I have dyslexia so unless I write it down, I will forget it) so my Filofax collection means I can dedicate different ones to different parts of my life and know all the info I need is in that one place. I love the versatility that I can make these planners into litterally anything I need them to be, and that can be changed as and when needed.

Papuro Milano

Papuro Milano Journals
Papuro Milano Journals

Another favorite I buy from Amazon and is called Papuro Milano. You can buy paper blocks in plain, lined or address book, if you already have a wrap around cover from them, or want to create your own covers. You can buy them with the leather covers attatched and you can buy them with wrap around covers which the paper blocks slip into, allowing you to change the inside and still have the outer journal looking the same.

I adore the paper in these, not quite as silky as Stationary Island but they are even thicker paper, so no bleed through for pens and a joy to write on. There is a choice of colours and sizes and for these journals. Also available from The Online Pen Company (but I haven’t bought from them myself, no reason, just I didn’t know about them, till I reasearched other stockists for this post.

I use paper blocks from these to write a ‘dear diary’ kind of journal, using an old wrap around cover that is firmer and was from WHSmith from YEARS ago. To brain dump at bedtime and I also have another with the Papuro Milano Italian Leather cover, in the most amazing deep purple, that is in the picture, which is where I write my finished poems.


Paperblanks 'Old Leather' foiled Ultra wrap journal
Paperblanks ‘Old Leather’ foiled Ultra wrap journal in red

Paperblanks https://www.paperblanks.com/en/ and also Peter Pauper Press also have wonderful journals in a variety of sizes all have been exceptional quality and a joy to write in. Like the others in my lists they are available in many different colours and designs and a variety of sizes and formats. I like the ones with the magnetic closures and they are a real treat to write in, the one in the pictures is sewn binding making them last well, so no risk of pages droping out over time as they might with a glued type of binding style.

I am currently using these as grief journals. They are so beautiful and so well made, they are a place of refuge. I adore the Pauro ones I mention earlier but Paperblanks have hardcovers making them easier if you are using them on your lap not just at a table. Available in bookshops as well as their own website as listed.


PIC coming soon, it got too dark to photography! Winter eh!

You might be wondering why this top brand is right down here at the bottom of the list. I do love the silky smoothness of the paper in molies but I need a higher GSM than the classic offers at 70GSM, which is thinner than regular printer paper which is 80gsm (paper weight Grams per Square meter, in USA u work in Lbs for paper weights) but still I have a pet peeve re bleed throughs on molies, so I tend to use them just with pencil.

Where to buy

Finally a shameless list of places I love to go online to look at beautiful stationary.

  • Cult Pens, https://www.cultpens.com/ journals pens, pencils Ohh a stationary junkie’s paradise.
  • All Things Analogue https://allthingsanalogue.co.uk/ (I’m very tempted by the sand timers on there, but being clumsy by nature, haven’t gone for one yet.
  • If you enjoy calligraphy (sadly my hands aren’t up for this anymore) but Scribblers Calligraphy https://scribblers.co.uk/ has some wonderful supplies.
  • Hey Little Magpie https://www.heylittlemagpie.com/ has journals of many kinds, plus pens, washi tape n craft supplies
  • The Online Pen Company https://www.theonlinepencompany.com/ new to me but they also stock the Papuro Journals. (update and so much more, this is a site I need a cup of tea to have a good look around, journals pens and more nice!)
  • Just did a search for Moleskein https://gb.moleskine.com/ if you want an alternative stockist to the high street or Amazon.

Poetry Corner

Well thats it for me, I’m off to try to find a Moleskine for some poetry.

Does anyone know of any poetry forums that aren’t on FB etc? I adore Writers Digest and would be interested in a comunity space in the new year. But wild horses won’t get me on FB and its pals, so something independant in ye olde forum format would be grand.

Best wishes and thanks for reading, would love to hear what journals you love to use and how you use yours.

Stay safe and be kind to each other. I’ll be in the back of the cave hermiting with card decks, crystals n books. Will write again when I can.

Billie x

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