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Welcome Back

Over on the Stamping Mad Forum I run a virtual challenge know as the Six By Four Challenge. It got its name from the size of paper that you use to create a project on that month’s theme, 6 x 4″. If you would like to choose a theme for a future Challenge come on over to www.stampingmadforum.co.uk join the forum and the challenge from there and you will be in with a chance. Rather than always being my choice of what the theme is, I choose someone from the list of people who has joined in with the challenge in the current month to suggest a them for the following month.


This month’s theme was chosen by Silverwing and the theme is


Encorporate stitching into your piece in any way that you like. It could be a design entirely stitched for those into cross stitch. You could use a template to pierce a design and sew that, or simply pierce some holes around the edges of a stamped image to sew into, or as a decorative boarder etc.

Have fun

Best wishes and thanks for reading



I’ll show you what I have made for this month’s challenge next week 😉


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