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One of the most discussed issues of crafters, bookbinders and I’m sure artists, is how best to store large collections of their supplies. Some time ago while in an office supply store (Staples) I came across the comapany; Really Useful Products Limited. This company make a large selection of plastic boxes that are sturdy, stackable and superb for gathering awkward items together for storage. Most often the boxes are available in a clear plastic or transparent colours, some are available in opaque options. This company also make Iris carts, the sets of drawer units, available as static units or on wheels.

My Favorite Really Useful Boxes

Here is a selection of Really Useful Boxes, that I use most often, and the purposes for which I use them.

A selection of my 'Really Useful Boxes'

Storage for Cuttlebug dies

Really Useful Boxes, used to store Cuttlebug products.

Remaining Creative Products

  • 0.7 litre box; Perfect for Alcohol ink and Stickles Glitter glues. Will hold Distress re-inker bottles, (although the lid won’t close on top). (Pic 4)
  • 0.9 litre Box; for pens & Pencils. Perfect Pearls stack in these too. (Pic 2)
  • 1.5 litre Box; Will house a 12″ ruler and also reels of Barbour linen thread. Will store inside the 7 litre box 🙂
  • 2.1 litre Box; Perfect size for mini misters! Also great for Re-inkers and Acrylic Dabbers.
  • 3 litre box; The size of box I use most, it was designed for CD’s/DVD . Its just perfect for paints, I keep Acrylic Dabbers, Alcohol inks and Golden’s Fluid Acrylic paints and mediums in this size of box too. (Pic 3)
  • 4 litre Box; This box takes a single ream of A4 paper and card storage.
  • 7 litre Box; 12 x 12 Card and Paper storage, also use one of these for most used Bookbinding kit
  • 9 litre Box; This box will take 2 reams of A4 paper/card.


Here is a link to the UK area of the manufacturing site, other countries are available from their drop down menu.

Really Useful Products Ltd

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon

Billie 🙂

BTW Took delivery of lots of mini misters yesterday, expect messy play very soon!


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