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Storing Your Films

In the last article of this series it is time to consider what you want to do with your films longer term. If you have followed the earlier articles in this series you will have made at least one film and if things have gone well, probably a lot more than that. Before your computer stops altogether have a look at the following tips that allow you to keep your films without sacrificing your computer.

Video files are HUGE

If you have recorded a film or two 🙂 take a moment to have a look at just how big the file size is. Even with the biggest and fastest of computers you will quickly fill your computer’s storage with these files if you keep them all on the computer itself.

There is a solution though and here are a few of the options worth considering

  • Upload your finished film to an online host, then delete the film from your machine
  • Burn a copy of your film to DVD
  • Buy a seperate hard drive to store your films on


Upload your finished film to an on-line host, then delete the film from your machine

If you are not too concerned about the films you create

  • Upload them to an on-line site, simply delete them from your machine. This frees up disc space on your computer which will make it run faster.


  • If you forget your password/log in details or if the site closes down. Then your films will be gone forever. It is rare that the big names close, but for special films you might want to consider keeping a copy in some way.


Burning To DVD

  • Once you have a DVD copy you can delete the original from the computer. This frees up disc space on your computer which will make it run faster.
  • Do make more than one copy of the DVD though, just in case one gets damaged.
  • Technology moves on. Over time, you need to copy your film on to the latest kind, to avoid having a format nothing will read…tapes, videos and floppy disks!!!
  • DVDs will deteriorate in time; make more than one copy as a back up.
  • Accidents happen, again make more than one copy of special films in case the original disc is damaged.
  • If your computers own DVD burner is slow, consider buying a seperate one with a better speed.


Buy A Separate Hard Drive to store your films

If you have the budget this really is the best option, prices have been falling, so these are well worth the investment for the amount of storage that you get.  Always buy the biggest drive you can afford. The video files are massive and you will quickly fill up a small disk. That said, keep an eye on how fast the drive runs. If it is very slow then transferring your files to it quickly becomes a tedious chore.

  • Create a copy of the original film on the separate hard disk and even if your computer fails you still have the back up on the hard disk.
  • You can burn additional copies of the film whenever you like, so if friends and family want a copy, it is simple to do.
  • You can have as many separate drives as you like.
  • Deleting the files from the original computer frees disc space, so the machine will run faster.



Cost; You can start with a smaller drive, but keep in mind how large the files are. Wait for the sales if you are on a tight budget.


So there we have it, that is the end of this series of articles on adding videos to your blog. I hope it has inspired you to give it a go, borrow your other half’s camera if you don’t have your own and see what you can create. Most important of all is that you have fun. It’s still being creative, just with new tools.


If you would like to see the videos I’ve made so far, here is my home on You Tube.


Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon

Billie 🙂


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