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Welcome Back

They often say that art imitates life don’t they? Well unintentionally the exact thing happened when I painted this.

Art Journal Page; Hope

Art Journal Page; Hope


It started out as a play with texture paste, and my favorite colours of blues and paynes grey which is a lovely grey with blue tones in it. I added layers of paste, and colours and the finished piece was definitely an experimental journey rather than a planned trip! The last 4 years have been tough and this year I’ve been feeling pretty low thanks to having a lot of pain and little use of my hands to take my mind off things. This piece was  one of the early pieces I created, when I finally had enough use of my hands for my first afternoon in the studio this year.

I liked the look the texture pasted gave and just added some quinacridone Nickel azo gold to highlight it. With the ‘layer love’ style of layers of paint and drips, the finished piece reminded me of a phrase, ‘The light at the end of the tunnel.’ I’ve put a second picture in as its so hard to get the real colours of the piece to show in photographs.

Art Journal Page; Hope

Art Journal Page; Hope

Who knows how much use of my hands I’ll get back, will I ever be pain free? Its not looking likely any time soon but when the going gets tough I can look at this piece and remind myself that there are better days too, sometimes I get to play, if only for a short time.

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon

Billie 🙂

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