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In today’s post I will be reviewing;

Slice Tool Kit

Slice Tool Kit

Product Details

  • Manufacturer/Brand; Making Memories Slice
  • Item number
  • RRP at time of writing: Around £30

Reason For Buying

 My primary reason for buying this kit, is because I have limited dexterity, getting hold of small things isn’t easy. I figured the tools would help me remove die cut shapes from the adhesive mat, with less chance of ripping them. Also given the cost of replacement blades and a spatula tool that was included it wasn’t a great deal extra to pay to get something to keep them all in too.



  • Keeps all your tools needed at hand.
  • Easy to find the tool you are looking for
  • The dense foam lining keeps everything in place
  • Handy if you travel with your Slice machine


I haven’t got any issues with this kit, it has some quality tools, well laid out and a superb quality case.

My only request if they ever do a redesign, is a request for a little space to put the wrench that comes with The Slice. I have put mine lose in the little gap in the case where the handles of the scissors sit. This is one of those fiddly little tools that is far too easy to lose! That wrench is not included with the tool kit, it comes with the Slice machine itself. But there is nowhere on The Slice itself to store it and its something I didn’t want to lose.

Build Quality

Excellent, everything is well made and finished. The case is well padded and everything stays in place. I was impressed that the case itself is made of a denim/twill type fabric which is beautifully lined and the zip works well too. The case also features a pull tape with the word ‘Tools’ on it. Great if you have several similar kits on your shelf and especially handy in this case as the case for the design cards looks identical on the shelf.

Value for Money

Good. It is an investment but for keeping everything together and for quality tools it is well worth it. I’ve had Making Memories tools in the past and they last well.

Would I buy it Again?


Summing up

Some would say this in an unnecessary add-on, but if you have limited dexterity or are good at loosing small tools, then having a case with everything together makes life much easier. It also takes up very little space on your work top.


Although this tool kit and The Slice, are made by Making Memories, all information about it are on the Why Slice website.

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon

Billie 🙂


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