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Welcome Back

The theme for The Virtual Crafting Challenge for July 2008 is;


Die Cuts & Punches


Die Cuts


Die cut embellishments and toppers are commercially available. If you have a die cutting machine, you can create your own items from plates available.   There are many different designs and styles of plates available for the specific machine you have.

  • Creating main images
  • Creating boarders
  • Creating apertures in cards
  • Creating embellishments



There is a wide selection of punches available, different styles of punch are useful for different projects. If you have dexterity issues the leaver stlye are easier to use than the button pushed ones.

  • Creating main images
  • Creating Boarders
  • Creating apertures in cards
  • Creating embellishments

These are just a few ideas to get you started, remember this is your journey make what ever you like the important thing is to have fun and try new techniques.


My best tip is to type your chosen die cutting machine into the search box of www.youtube.co.uk and see what comes up, there are many tips and tutorials on there on all sorts of machine.

Best wishes and thanks for reading


Billie 🙂


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The Virtual Crafting Challenge

‘It’s All About The Journey’

Templates & Scoring Boards


Templates are available in all sorts of shapes and sizes for all kinds of projects. They are usually made of a strong material to stand up to wear and tear. There are also templates available on websites to download, and print.

Scoring Boards

Scoring boards: There are many different types available, some for making cards, some for boxes and others for envelopes. Scoring boards are normally made of wood or plastic.


Use templates or scoring boards to create any of the following;

·         Square cards

·         Gatefold cards

·         Triangle cards

·         Tri-fold cards

·         Octagonal cards

·         Artist trading cards

·         Create boxes  suitable for the above cards

·         Freestyle* this is for any specialty templates designed around a theme, (i.e.) fashion, baby, new home etc.

·         Create embellishments for cards


The Scor-It bord. I love this tool, here are links to the manufacturers and they also have video demos on the site too.


This link is to Crafter’s Companion, they make their own scoring boards and stock templates by other companies.


There are two wonderful ladies known as the Glitter Girls, they make a range of embossing boards. Here is a link to their site.


It’s All About The Journey

This challenge is all about encouraging you to use the products you own but may not have used, or to try something you have not tried before. The idea is to have fun trying new things rather than striving for a finished piece by a given date.

If you would like to join in with this challenge on the blog, please post a comment below and let us know what you will be trying this month. If you have any problems or hints and tips on the subject that you would like to share with us, again use the comments in this post. If by the end of June you have created something that you would like to share with us all, post a link to your image.

Best wishes and thanks for reading

Billie J

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The Virtual Crafting Challenge

‘It’s All About The Journey’

I will be posting the new theme’s full details at the end of the month, for the following month’s challenge. That way you will have time to collect your chosen items and still have the full four weeks to play. Links to helpful sites will be listed with the challenge should you need assistance finding suppliers or helpful information.

Themes 2008

June; Templates & Scoring boards

Templates, scoring boards

July; Die Cuts & Punches

Die Cuts, punches

August; Inks 2

Pigment Inks, solvent based inks

September; Metalwork

Foiling, gilding, as a new surface to stamp onto, embossing

October; Lot’s of Layers

Decoupage, Matting and layering, Medallion stamps, Medallion peel offs

November; Pearlescent Paints

Perfect Pearls, Twinkling H2Os, Pearl Ex, Glimmer Mist

Don’t forget ‘It’s All About The Journey’

These challenges are about your own journey, take them at your own pace and just have a play with something new. There is NO pressure to create something for the end of the month.  If you do make something you are pleased with and want to share then we will show links but, if you had a play and had fun that’s the main thing, you may decide you like this new craft product but want to do more before you create a finished piece, or you may have hated it either way, hopefully we can discuss your thoughts in the comments section each month 😉

Best wishes and thanks for reading

Billie xx

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The Virtual Crafting Challenge

“It’s all About the Journey rather than the destination”

I originally designed this challenge for the forum that I post on www.stampingmadforum.co.uk as at the time I did not have a blog.  Now that I do have a blog I would like to share this challenge with you on here too. This is a completely different style of challenge to those often seen on blogs, to find out more read on.



·         To get us using products we already have in new ways.

·         To get us to try new products or new techniques.

·         To share our journey, swapping tips and ideas rather than aim for a finished product.


How it will work on the blog


·         10 Challenge Themes will be set at the start of the year and posted.

·         At the end of each month I will be posting the theme and full details for the following month’s Challenge.

·         Links to information about using the products or techniques will be listed.

·         A range of options within the Challenge will be listed, for various skill levels.

·         Anyone wishing to join that months Challenge can sign up using the comments section of the post and let us know what they will be trying.

·         During the month we discuss in that thread how we are getting on.  What we have learnt and any problems we are having.  Others involved can then offer suggestions for solutions.

·         At the end of the month anyone with a finished sample of their efforts that they wish to show the group, can post a link to their pictures.

Who is the Challenge for?


  • Any ability; only the general theme is set, exactly what you do and how you do it is your decision.
  • Any style of crafters; there will be all sorts of Challenges not just for the stampers.

Example Challenge



Challenge posted on forum; May 2008

This month’s challenge is embossing. Try a variation that is new to you, or use your product in a new way.  Here are some variations that you could try.

Dry Embossing:  This involves a stencil and ball tool, you will need a light box or a clear table to put a light under to enable you to see your stencil through the paper.

Heat Embossing:  Stamp your image; cover it with embossing powder and heat to melt the powder. There are many types of powder available. 

Triple Embossing:  This is where you add additional layers of Embossing Powder on top of existing ones while the earlier layers are still hot.  This creates extra dimension.

Intaglio:   Where a stamp or other object is pressed into a surface to leave an impression.  In this case into a triple embossed tile for example.


Sign up below to join this Challenge and tell us what you are going to try.  During the month let us know what you have learnt and how it is going, good or bad.  I’m hoping we can share ideas, tips and advice along the way.[THIS IS AN EXAMPLE please wait till June’s theme is posted to sign up J]

‘It’s all about the Journey’

This challenge is about what we learn along the way rather than trying to have a finished card or project at the end of each month.

Have fun and enjoy the journey.’

End quote.

I will be posting the June2008 Challenge details in the next few days. Just need to get a few more links to add to it 😉

Best wishes and thanks for reading


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