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In today’s post I will be reviewing; Tim Holtz Grungeboard

Tim Holtz Grungeboard

Tim Holtz Grungeboard


This paper based surface is very versatile for all kinds of crafting. I bought a pack of this and it was AGES before I got over my fear of wrecking it, and just had a go. It is actually a very forgiving surface.


  • Light yet Durable
  • You can ink it
  • You can paint onto it
  • You can punch holes into it using a Crop A Dile tool
  • With GrungePAPER you can die cut shapes using a Cuttlebug


Not really got any. Grungeboard can be quite thirsty, gesso the surface to stop is guzzling quite so much paint, if it bothers you 😉

Build Quality

For such a light weight material it is actually very strong, you can easily use it for book covers.

Value for Money

You get more product for your money with the Grungeboard than you do with the card, but that is probably a weight thing. Great product and worth the investment.

Would I buy it Again?


Summing up

If you love working with inks and paint and are looking for a new surface, do give grungeboard a go, all the things you can do to the surface of paper seem to work on the grunge board. A more durable surface than paper for tactile projects like book covers. Great for making embellishments too. Go for the Grunge Paper if you want to use it in your die cutting machines.


Tim Holtz

Tim Holtz Ideology; Grunge products

Tim Holtz; Video Demonstration of Grungeboard

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon

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