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Would you like a more personal Christmas? Less commercial, not so much battling shops n crowds at the last-minute? There is another way, a couple of years ago I started shopping earlier and hand-making gifts. You get to stay in the warm, maybe have your fave movie on in the background and create a gift that the recipient will treasure because you put into it something you just can’t buy..your love and your time.

Today I’d like to share some links to projects and ideas that would make great Christmas gifts created with fabrics, some will take more time than others but most will be achievable to everyone, even those very new to sewing.

Sew your way to a Happier Christmas

Easy Fleece hats.

These take very little fabric and would be great extra gifts and ideal for little uns too.

Fleece hat with Ear Flaps DIY tutorial by Craft Gemini. Includes free pattern

Easy to sew Pyjama trousers.

If you are new to sewing these are ideal, can be made to create pj trousers of any size

Whitney sews PJ Trousers.

If you have a pattern but are confused by construction this is the video for you

Handmade Pajama Trousers

Sneak a pair of your recipients fave pj trousers and recreate them in the new fabric.

Wrap Vest

A great gift for women of all ages, I’d overcast the edges for a more long-lasting result but a handy stash busting last-minute gift.

Christmas Tree Skirt by Debbie Shore

Are you fed up with the nylon and velour tree skirts available in the shops? Why not create your own to match your decor in quality fabrics. Love up your tree with this great project.

Zipped Make up Bag by Debbie Shore

This is a great project for the girls but alter the fabric and colours to make a wash kit bag for the boys or the size to make a pencil-case for the kids.

Laptop Bag by Debbie Shore

Ahh kids (of all ages) today are so in love with technology aren’t they. How about creating a little softness in their world with some amazing fabrics you can make this laptop cover. Alter the size and it could also work for a tablet or e-reader too.

If you want to include your own designs or images in your projects, you can buy printable fabric from Crafty Computer Paper. How about making T-shirts with your fave pics on, or tote bags with your kids or pet pictures on.

Opps got a bit carried away again, but hopefully there is something for everyone on your list. I would love to know if you make something handmade this Christmas and do share a picture if you do.

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon

Billie 🙂


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