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Welcome Back

I think today’s post will make a lot of people very happy, when I found this link, it made me very happy indeed!  In the past there was a channel known as Craft TV Weekly, they had some excellent projects and video tutorials on all kinds of paper crafting in their Scrapbook Lounge area. Sadly the site stopped adding new videos last year(2008).

Club Scrap Community

The good news is thanks to a friend over on the Stamping Mad Forum, I discovered that some of the shows were sponsored by Club Scrap and that there was a way of still seeing some of the shows. My favorite tutor on there was Tricia Morris and her videos are on this new site Club Scrap Community. There are video demonstrations in the Cinema section, and if you join the site you can also access the Design Guides.

The new site includes all kinds of wonderful new things to see;

Forum, Chat room, Cinema, Library of tutorials and if you join you even get your own blog on the site.

If you liked Craft TV Weekly you will LOVE this new site, rush over to Club Scrap Community to see what it’s all about.

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon

Billie 🙂 🙂 🙂


I contacted TV Weekly through their You Tube site and they said the TV Weekly site is no more but that all the original videos are available to watch free, on Google Videos.

Go to www.google.com then type Craft TV Weekly into the search box

Not sure if a link to a search will work repeatedly but just in case

Results of search for Craft TV Weekly on Google.


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