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In today’s post I will be reviewing; Tulip Etimo Crochet hook

Tulip; Etimo Crochet Hook

Tulip; Etimo Crochet Hook

Product Details

  • Manufacturer/Brand; Tulip; Etimo
  • Item number:
  • RRP at time of writing: Price varies depending where you get them I paid £7.95 on Ebay

Reason For Buying

I have dexterity problems caused by RSI, wanted to try crochet and needed something with a thicker handle as my grip isn’t very good.


Tulip; Etimo Crochet Hook in my hand

Tulip; Etimo Crochet Hook


  • Soft Handle
  • Thicker handle which is great for smaller diameter hooks
  • Warm in the hand
  • The rubberised surface gives you better control of the hook
  • Metal hook means it glides effortlessly through yarns
  • Handle dimensions seem to be the same across the size ranges, although the very fine lace hooks have blue handles and look a little different in size.


  • The handles are a little on the short side for me, as I use the knife style grip. Shouldn’t be a problem if you use the pencil grip.
Tulip; Etimo Crochet Hook showing the flatter section on the handle

Tulip; Etimo Crochet Hook, showing the flatter section of the handle

Build Quality

Excellent, the material used on the hook are and handle are fantastic. Both are comfortable to use and work well with a variety of yarns.

Value for Money

My hook came from a seller on Ebay, at just under £8 it was expensive but the build quality makes them very good. I also saw these on Amazon at just under £13, even if they had been perfect for me, unless I only wanted one or two hooks that would have been more than I’d have wanted to spend. That said the quality is fantastic and if this is your main hobby its worth the investment in top quality.

Would I buy it Again?

At this stage no. But that is only because it didn’t solve the dexterity issue I had. If this had been the right shape for me then I would have gone for these in a heartbeat.

Side view of Tulip; Etimo Crochet Hook. Close up

Side view of Tulip; Etimo Crochet Hook. Close up

Summing up

These hooks are fantastic and well worth all the positive hype they get. If my hands had worked or managed crochet then these would have been the hooks for me. The are available singly or in sets, the sets I have seen even include storage bags for the hooks and if you have a loved one who is into crochet they would make a wonderful gift.

If you are a fan of very fine crochet but find the hooks hard to hold there are also some blue handled hooks in the range that go down to much smaller sizes.

The reason I’m not buying more of these is because my RSI kicked off and complained loudly when I tried crochet, so I think it will be something I may not be able to do. Also the length of this hook, when I was holding it with the knife style grip I use hit just between the knuckles on the inside of my palm between my little and next finger. This caused me a problem as last year I managed to almost dislocate these bones so they are quite tender to pressure. I have Hyper-flexion, which means my tendons flex further than they should, this leaves me prone to RSI type injuries like this, so for me this hook was a bit short.

If gripping itself doesn’t cause you pain and your issue is more about having enough handle to get hold of then give these a try. The grippy material on the handle makes a big difference to this and makes them easy to hold. The material is also warm in the hand, so if you find metal makes your hands lock up because it’s so cold, but bamboo or plastic hooks create too much drag on yarn, then again give these a try. These are the best of both worlds with the warm handles but metal hook for better glide through a variety of yarns.


Here is a link to the maker’s website, so you can find out more about these hooks, their size ranges and other options in the range.

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon

Billie 🙂


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