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Would you like to see more tutorials? I create as many as I can, with limited supplies, but in between my own tutorials do check out my Tutorials page, the tab is at the top of the blog. There I have collected together my own tutorials, so a handy reference if you want to quickly search for a particular tutorial.

Also on the Tutorial page, are listed many tutorials by other people. When I did a search for bookbinding on You Tube, many thousands of films came up. As anyone who has searched You Tube, will know, the films can be quite a mixed bag of results. So I have selected my favorites and added direct links to the films and also to their authors channels. There were far too many to list in the side bar, at the side of the blog, so I dedicated a page to them. This allows for a more detailed listing.

Please follow the link below for a great selection of tutorials:


When I created this blog some time ago, the one thing I really hoped that it could become, is a reference tool for people with similar interests to me. When I started bookbinding, it took a long time to discover resources. Be that materials, useful books, places to go to learn etc. Over time I have gathered a whole host of links to websites for supplies, videos, inspiration and more.

Not Just bookbinding

Have you noticed that the subjects bounce around on this blog. I think I am a bit of a bumble bee, I get all excited about a subject and go all out for it. Then another new technique comes along and I go and explore that.

I started as a paper crafter, making cards and ATCs and I still make these. After being addicted to rubber stamping, came book binding.

There is just so much to discover with whatever style you like. It’s great to still be learning and trying new things, especially when you find you can combine skills learnt earlier, into your current passion.


It’s All About the Journey

As the sub title of the blog suggests, it’s all about the journey. Be open to learning new things and you will be amazed at the new possibilities each technique brings you. Explore, you don’t have to leave home to explore, thanks to the internet. It doesn’t have to cost you loads of money to try new things. Check out your local library, you can pick up all sorts of books on new subjects there. If you want to try something new, but don’t want a big investment in tools and equipment try taking a class.

Mobility problems don’t have to be a barrier either 🙂  There are plenty of excellent on-line classes. With online stores you can get your supplies for class, without leaving your home. Some online classes are ongoing, so you can work at your own pace, at times that suit your schedule.

Why wait till the new year to try something different? Take a chance, a leap of faith, whole new worlds open up for you, when you take the first step.  Explore and enjoy the journey.


Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon


Billie 🙂


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Welcome Back

Introduction to Blogging Part Four;


Today’s article is about how I write my tutorials. I think of tutorials as recipes, if someones reads the article and wants to replicate the project, what do they need to know.  Keeping in mind the ‘What, How and Why’ concept from Part Two,  Here is the thought process I use.


This covers the what, with a picture of a finished piece, the why is covered by some suggestions as to the uses for the project, or the reason it was created.

You Will Need;

Here is where to write a list of all the items needed to reproduce the project. This covers the how.


Break the project into small steps and describe what is happening in each step. Add a photographs which show clear pictures of what you are describing.


This is a good place to add a few pictures of finished pieces at the end of the article. Different views of the project for example. This is to reward the viewer for sticking with you and reading to the end.

Added Extras;

This is a place to include ideas for taking the project a few steps further, for the more advanced crafter. Leave people room to take the project where they want to go with it.


Add links to manufacturers websites of the products used in the tutorial. Since the web can give you a global audience, linking to the shop down the road from you is not helpful to someone on the other side of the world. Manufacturers sites generally list ‘Find a stockist near you’ section on their websites, from which your readers will be able to find stores near to them.

Thank You;

Manners count even on-line. I always sign off thanking poeple for reading.


Coming up in Part 5; Reviews

In this installment I will share my thought process for product/book reviews. Part 5; Adding Product Reviews


Written articles have been covered by this series;

Introduction to Blogging Series


Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon


Billie 🙂

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Hello Everyone

Previously I was posting over on Windows Live Spaces but there just wasn’t the versatitily that WordPress allows, so here I am. Over the next few weeks I hope to be able to tweek things to get them looking the way I want and learn how everything works here and then we can get some tutorials and other fun stuff on here.

Rather than a blank page in case it takes me a few days to get this going here is the sort of thing you can expect to see on this blog in the coming months

The Virtual Crafting Challenge; Monthly challenges to encourage you to use the crafting stash you have in new ways, or try a craft you haven’t tried before. There will be links to point you in the direction of tutorials and suppliers available throughout the web.

Tutorials; I am one of those people that has to share. If I have found a new technique or can show you how to make someting then I will post a step by step tutorial.

Bookbinding; Well I am new to this but I adore making hand bound books. This section will be mainly a show and tell type of gallery rather than too many tutorials but as my experience grows… who knows.

Links; I spend far too much time online and as a result I have collected a lot of crafting links, where ever possible if I use a product on the blog I will link to the manufacturer of it, so you will be able to source the item from your own country.

Videos; Well we do have a camera so maybe one day I will try make some video’s for You Tube but anything in this section is likely to be a link to a great new video I have found and wanted to share.

Reviews; If I have tried an amazing crafting product and have any comments on it I will use the blog as a way of letting you know how good or not it is. Bare in mind that the reviews will just be my personal opinion of a product.

(Repeats) Since this platform is so much more versatile I hope to re-publish some of my earlier posts from MySpace on here. For loyal visitors migrating with me from the old blog I shall try and mix these in with new things rather than putting too many together.

For me crafting really is ‘All About the Journey’ this has become a bit of a motto for me, as I enjoy the process of learning new techniques and seeing how to incorporate them into my projects. So if you are new and looking for inspiration I hope you will find something useful here, and if you have been crafting for some time try my Virtual Crafting Challenge as a way to take your crafting to new exciting places.

Best wishes and thanks for reading

Billie xxx

PS; Now we have the option do leave me a comment

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