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Welcome Back

I think today’s post will make a lot of people very happy, when I found this link, it made me very happy indeed!  In the past there was a channel known as Craft TV Weekly, they had some excellent projects and video tutorials on all kinds of paper crafting in their Scrapbook Lounge area. Sadly the site stopped adding new videos last year(2008).

Club Scrap Community

The good news is thanks to a friend over on the Stamping Mad Forum, I discovered that some of the shows were sponsored by Club Scrap and that there was a way of still seeing some of the shows. My favorite tutor on there was Tricia Morris and her videos are on this new site Club Scrap Community. There are video demonstrations in the Cinema section, and if you join the site you can also access the Design Guides.

The new site includes all kinds of wonderful new things to see;

Forum, Chat room, Cinema, Library of tutorials and if you join you even get your own blog on the site.

If you liked Craft TV Weekly you will LOVE this new site, rush over to Club Scrap Community to see what it’s all about.

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon



I contacted TV Weekly through their You Tube site and they said the TV Weekly site is no more but that all the original videos are available to watch free, on Google Videos.

Go to www.google.com then type Craft TV Weekly into the search box

Not sure if a link to a search will work repeatedly but just in case

Results of search for Craft TV Weekly on Google.

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Welcome Back


Here’s a heads up that Friday’s TV Weekly episode was a bookbinding episode with Trisha Morris.

Head over to http://sbl.tvweekly.com/player.php?4d4ca0951e9c71558d4992d2f3091f1ay6977 to see Tricia make a book using Foam as a cover material. The title of the show is ‘Foam Me To You’


Best wishes and thanks for reading



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Welcome Back

Not having satalite tv makes accessing craft shows with tutorials only possible with the internet. I’mnot sure how I found this site but it is truely inspiring. There are weekly shows posted on a Friday for the Papercraft side of the site known as The Scrapbook Lounge. Now don’t stop reading if Scrapbooking isn’t your thing as the demo’s on www.tvweekly.com cover all kinds of papercrafting.

My favourite presenter on TV Weekly is Tricia Morris, this is because it is mainly her that shows bookbinding demo’s. Here are some links to my favorite shows of hers that feature bookbinding.

Update: Links have been removed as they are no longer live

Well after the link fest hehe there are other presenters on TV Weekly too, and they also cover all kinds of papercrafting. Just in case paper crafting isn’t your thing they also have a channel known as Plum and Verdigris on the same site and that caters for jewelery makers. Both channels have video demonstrations. If you sign up to their website you can download PDF files which show step by step the project featured in that weeks show.


The presenters are currently on ‘holiday’ and there are no new shows scheduled till the fall??? In the mean time you can still watch all the shows in the archive section. A great way to spend a wet afternoon or chilly autumn evening. Check it out, there is so much inspiration on there.

Update June 2009

Please note that the site mentioned above is no longer functioning. Some of the papercraft shows are available along with their design guides on the Club Scrap, as mentioned in this more recent post.


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Welcome Back

Today I would like to share with you some long overdue pictures of the Jacobs Ladder I made.

Here's the box I made for the ladder

Here is the box I made for the Jacob's Ladder

For anyone who would like to make their own version of a Jacob’s Ladder, the instructions I used to make this the first time were on TV Weekly. If you make the basic construction without the pictures in place it is fairly easy to put together. However the first few you make you are likely to want to wait till the family is at school or work, so you are not disturbed as you put it together😉
Here are the long awaited pictures of my Jacob’s Ladder.

Here is the Ladder in the box

Here is the Ladder in the box

The pictures have come out much bluer than expected, the label is purple as is the tissue in the box! I made the box too😉 Well after all the work for the ladder, it needed a good looking box to store and display it.

Side one is all birds side two is floral themed.

Bird themed side of the Ladder

Bird themed side of the Ladder



Floral themed side of the Jacobs ladder

Floral themed side of the Jacobs ladder

These pictures make it look much bluer than it is in real life, it is blue (Stonewashed) and hot pink (Wild Plum) on one side and the floral side is blue (Stonewashed) and purple (Eggplant).
I used Rangers Adirondack dye inks applied using Ranger’s Cut n Dry foam. The stamps I used were from Crafty Individuals. For my ladder I sponged a background on to the mount board, I then edged the boards in silver metallic marker. 

I made life difficult for myself by attaching the stamped pieces to the mount board BEFORE I had assembled the ladder.  This meant that I couldn’t just put the boards together in any order as one side has a bird theme and the other has a different colour way and a floral theme.  After many attempts at assembly my dear husband came and had a look and between us we worked out what order and which way round the boards should be assembled to get the finished ladder to flow properly! Not for the novice! Assemble the boards and put your pictures/stamping in afterwards for a simpler and quicker finish.


Here is the direct link to the video demonstration of how to construct a Jacob’s Ladder by Trisha Morris, on Club Scrap.
[UPDATED LINK: TV weekly site no longer operates]

If you join up to the site you can also download instructions, which is REALLY handy for the first couple of times you make a ladder.

Crafty Individuals stamps

Ranger products


Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon

Billie xx



Since posting this the TV Weekly website is no longer operating. Some of the episodes are now available on Club Scrap. Here is a link to the Club Scrap Cinema, where you will find their tutorial videos.

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