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Welcome Back

A cry for help today! I joined Twitter a while ago and all was well….then a few days ago I stopped being able to Tweet. Tweets from others came up on my page, and I can go from place to place on there. Any attempt to post or direct message results in absolutely nothing! It trundles like its going to put the post up….then doesn’t.

If any of my readers are Twitter fans, please can anyone suggest how I can resolve this, since I can’t post to them, to tell them of the problem!

Someone gaffer tapped my beak up…so no tweets from me for a while till I can fix it. 😦

Normal blog posts from tomorrow (if I can get the pictures to go in!) Its been a bit of a technological nightmare the last few days!

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon

Billie 🙂


Can’t tell twitter of the problem since I can’t tweet! Typed in the problem and got redirected to another site. Seems several others have the same problem then!


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