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Welcome Back

Here is the remaining tutorial I mentioned from last week all about Sponged Backgrounds using Ranger Colourwash Inks.

You Will Need;

Color Wash and tools for paper projects

  • Watercolour card
  • Heat tool
  • Color Wash Sprays by Ranger
  • Off cuts of sponge; this could be natural sponge or a cut down car washing sponge. You will get different results depending on the type of sponge you use.
  • Blank newsprint
  • Protective gloves
  • Plastic box or empty cardoboard carton to spray into
  • Binliners that you cut open and lay over your worksurface to protect it from over spray



Spraying Ranger Color Wash Ink onto watercolour paper

1.  Spray three colours of ink over your water colour paper

Using a sponge to blend the colours on the watercolour paper/card

2. Use a sponge to spread the colour around your card stock

Continue to sponge the ink until the card is covered

3. Continue to move the ink with the sponge until the entire surface is covered how you like it

Drying the ink using a heat tool

4. Use the heat tool to dry the ink

This technique will give you unique backgrounds suitable for all kinds of projects. Try different colour variations as well as different types of sponge to give new effects. How you move the sponge over the wet ink will change the finished result try the following;

  • Twisting the sponge over the ink
  • Sweeping across the paper in lines
  • Pouncing the sponge on the wet ink
  • Swirling the sponge in a pattern across the wet ink


Have fun and don’t forget to wear old clothes and to protect the area around where you are working with these inks, they have a habit of going everywhere!


UK supplier for Colorwash Inks;   Cre8tive Online 

Best wishes and thanks for reading

Billie 🙂


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