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Introduction to Blogging Part Two;

What to Blog


Having decided that you want to give blogging a go, what should you write about and how to go about it. I’ll describe my thought process for what I put on this blog. I’ve been asked how I work out my tutorials, well the same thought process actually goes into anything I put on line. The biggest  break you can give yourself is to plan. Don’t try and do a tutorial for later that day or for tomorrow. Thanks to an unreliable Internet connection I have to post things ahead of time and schedule when I want them to appear, as I cannot guarantee that I’ll get a connection at any time.


So I’ve just made/found or bought something that I want to share with the world.


  • My first step is to decide What exactly it is that I want to share.
  • A picture of a finished piece or particular item.
  • A tutorial of how I made something
  • A review of a piece of equipment
  • Links to ideas and inspiration



Once I’ve decided what it is I want to share, this usually points me in a direction for how to share;

  • Written article on the blog
  • Photographic Step By Step on the blog
  • Video Tutorial; hosted on You Tube but also embedded in the blog



Often over looked in blogs and tutorials but a vital step for me is WHY I’m sharing something. When you thing about why, you are thinking about your intended audience. It makes you think ‘What would I want to know if I was watching /reading this.

  • In response to a question or comment I have received
  • To show others how a technique works, to enable them to try it as well 
  • To share how a  project was created
  • To enable someone to decide if a product is for them (reviews)
  • To share with others information/links that have helped or inspired me, and would do the same for them
  • To help others increase their knowledge of products and techniques


In the next part of this series I will go into more detail about using pictures in the blog.

Part 3; Adding Pictures to your Blog


Written articles have been covered by this series;

Introduction to Blogging Series


Thanks for reading, see you soon

Billie 🙂


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