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Welcome Back

In today’s post I would like to share some pictures of the first box I made;

This box strores ATC album. It is just over 3.5 x 2.5" in size

This box strores ATC album. It is just over 3.5 x 2.5" in size


The inside of my first box

The inside of my first box

I made this box of mount board, which has given me a sturdy box. Mount board is a little easier to cut than bookboard.



To find out how to create this kind of box I watched a series of videos on You Tube 😉 made by Sage Reynolds. Here is a link to Part One of his video to get you started.

I’m hooked on making boxes now 🙂


Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon

Billie 🙂


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Welcome Back
Today I would like to share my review of a wonderful tool called the Scor it.

Scor It Board with packaging

The board with packaging

Scor it Board with tool

The board and tools

I love this board beacue it is well made and robust. It is a bit on the heavy side although I believe there is now a newer lighter version becoming available.


This board comes with the following;

  • A ruler set across the top of the board to allow easy measuring. This is available in metric or imperial versions.
  • The board has a good grip rubber surface that holds your card or paper in place as you score.
  • There is a blunt blade that runs the virtical length of the board to allow for the scoring.
  • There is a scoring tool that comes with the board and can be attached to the top by a ball chain, so you won’t have to go searching for it.
  • There is an stop guide that you can screw to the top ruler to allow you to make the same score line multiple times with out having to stop and recheck you are in the right place.
  • Non slip feet under the board make it stable and stop it moving on the table while you score.


Alternative boards

There are a variety of versions of Scor It  boards available;

  • Scor it; This is the board I have and features 12″ scoring blade and 12″ centering ruler. This board is available in metric or imperial mesurements on the ruler.
  • Scor it Mini; This board has a 6″ scoring blade and a 9″ centering ruler. This is also available in metric or imperial versions on the ruler.
  • 24″ Maple wood board; This has a 16″ scoring ruler and a 24″ centering ruler. This is METRIC only.
  • 36″ Maple Board; This has a 21″ scoring ruler and a 36″ centering ruler. This is METRIC only.

Spare parts are available for the scoring tool and the stop guide. There are accessories like a wax to help the tool run smoothly over card, and a storage bag for the Scor It Mini shown on the manufactureres web site; http://www.scorit.com/.index.html


Why This board

The best thing about this board over other scoring systems available is that YOU have complete control as to whereyou score the lines. Many other boards on the market have pre cut grooves into a base board, you HAVE to score where the board dictates. With the score it you have the freedom to score where your project and your imagination dictate,a much better idea if you ask me.
One tip I would suggest is that if you find yourself often making the same type of scores, eg folding A4, A5 cardstock in half is to make a note somewhere, of the number on the ruler you scored to. The only disadvantage is that the board doesn’t come with any instructions so what ever you do you will have to work the measurements out for yourself. This isn’t hard as for folding cards in half, since there is a centering ruler you just line up the card with the same number either side of the ruler and you know it will centre score.

As I mentioned before this board is well made and robust, although this does make it a little on the heavy side for moving around, it does mean the board is stable and does NOT flex in use. If you like to craft on the move maybe consider the smaller Scor it Mini board, as this is lighter but also smaller.
This board is great for anyone using card and paper in their craft/bussiness. It would be perfect for card makers, bookbinders, scrapbookers and all papercrafters.


I will be posting some tutorials on here for projects I have made using the Scor it board. But in the mean time, there are also Video demos on You Tube and on TV Weekly.  Here are some links if you would like to see the board in action.

TV Weekly

Waterfall fold;


Card Keeper;


Divide and Conquer;


You Tube

Scor it Introduction; This is a video by the manufacturers and is a great overview of the product.

Scor it Mini; Project;



This is a fantastic product and I couldn’t live without mine. If you get a chance to try one go for it, you won’t regret buying one of these boards.
If you have any questions just ask in the comments box below

Thanks for reading and see you next time

Billie 🙂

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