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Welcome Back

Gee no posts for month then two in one day. I’ve been so stressed about the COPPA changes on You Tube n what to do or not do that I made a response video. You can see it here

Its very different to my usual style of video. This is my first chat on YT vlog. In the past I had a computer that had editing software on it, I no longer have that option on the new one, so had to wing it. I had every light on in the room but being winter it still looks dark. You might need to turn the sound up at the start, as I was talking to the camera from behind so its a bit quiet in places.

You can probably hear the depression, it makes it hard to think n make sentances n I was trying to hold it together long enough to say what I wanted to. Please share the video, there are so many kind lovely crafters online n the changes to You Tube have massive implications and lots of ppl are either unaware or ignoring it.

Please also see my earlier post on this subject as I have included links to legal advice interview on one channel and also to the latest (at time of writing) FTC update.

COPPA update 22 november 2019

Best wishes and thanks for reading and watching, Pls share the link on social media, more ppl need to be aware of this and its possible impacts for art n craft channels.

Billie x

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Welcome Back

Did you know there was a You Tube channel for this blog? Come and see the trailer and the new look You Tube channel.

Its been a while since I posted a video, due to health and computer issues but DH has sorted out how to get videos online again, and  I was able to create this new trailer.

Hope you like it and I look forward to creating some new videos for the channel, this year. Thanks for sticking with me during my technical difficulties 😉 Just need some good weather now, to let me record some new tutorials. I’m thinking marbling, gelli, stencils?


If you liked the trailer, do come and visit me on You Tube, where you can see the new look channel. I’ve gathered related videos into playlists, so I hope you will find it easier to get to the videos, you most want to see.

Do let me know in your comments, what you think about the new design & layout. If you have any requests for projects or techniques you would like to see tutorials for, let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon

Billie 🙂

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