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Welcome Back

Today a review of; Yoga for the Brain Zentangle cards original Edition. I liked the relaxation mentioned about Zentangle but the book I had just wasn’t fun, nor inspiring. I’d seen these cards on TV so thought I’d try them instead. If you want to learn to Zentangle but don’t have a lot of time and space, these cards might be for you. Here is how I got on with them.

Yoga for your brain, Zentangle cards

Yoga for your brain, Zentangle cards

Product Details

  • Yoga for your Brain Original Edition Tangle Cards
  • Manufacturer/Brand; Design Originals
  • Item number: No 3479. ISBN: 978-1-57421-356-0
  • RRP at time of writing: £7.99



  • Compact and portable.
  • I like the size; 6.3 cm W x 8.8 H
  • Self storing within the box
  • I like each design has its own card
  • There is space for you to add a number or letter to the design so you can organize them in a way to suit your needs
  • The design desire is a personal thing, but I really liked the designs on these cards


  • Haven’t really got any, a niggle perhaps; see Build quality below

Build Quality

The box is superb, sturdy card and glossy. It would last well if you were carrying it around with your or giving it to younger members of the family for them to try Zentangle. The cards are also printed on a sturdy cardstock, I’d have liked rounded corners to be kinder on hands but that’s being picky.

As has been mentioned in reviews on Amazon the cards are not laminated or glazed. This reduces eye strain but given they are a deck of cards, they don’t easily slide over each other like decks of cards usually do. Making them a little tricky to get hold of, but my dexterity isn’t great.

Value for Money

Good. You get 40 designs to copy around the same as in books, there is a book of the same title but I haven’t seen it to say if the content is the same or different. There are about 9 cards at the front with some tips for basic steps for how to Zentangle but nothing too heavy that would put you off.

Would I buy it Again?

Yes, I really like the card deck layout for patterns and would favour collecting designs this way rather than a book.

Summing up

These really worked for me. They are catchy, addictive, portable and the sort of size you could have next to you as you copied the design. I liked them a lot. After my experience with another Zentangle book, I had thought it wasn’t for me, yes the creation of the patterns was very relaxing but I wasn’t in love with any of the designs in the OTHER book and it put me off a bit.

The patterns in this deck I liked, which got me hooked and I can see why people get so excited about it. It IS very relaxing and meditative to create the patterns. If you don’t enjoy the whole ‘card has to be x size, draw dots in each corner, doodle a line then fill in with a different pattern in each section’ rules n regulations that Zentangle has around it, then these cards liberate you from that.

Life’s too short for too many rules, just grab a notebook and copy the patterns on these cards, in a comfy chair with some relaxing music on and you will be a chilled happy bunny in no time. Its engaging enough to stop your mind being distracted by stress and worry and repetitive enough that you quickly get in to the swing of the pattern and just draw. Several of these designs would make great boarders or for bookmarks not just all over page designs.

I highly recommend these cards, even and especially if other Zentangle products haven’t done it for you. Great for long car journeys or while waiting in a waiting room etc or on holiday when  you don’t want to be carrying too much stuff but want to create.

The only other thing you need is a 0.1 micron pen and some decent paper, but if you haven’t got that a decent fine-liner and a notebook and you are away. For younger kids I’d use a regular pen as the 0.1 pen is so fine they are likely to snap it off with too much hand pressure. If you get into it, add a soft lead pencil and paper stump to add more dimension to your designs with shading.


Yoga for your Brain Amazon UK great price as ever.

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon


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Welcome Back

Here is a picture of a recent Zentangle I drew.

Getting Tangled with Zentangle

Getting Tangled with Zentangle

I’m learning to Zentangle to help me relax and the principle of doing something repetitively and with no pressure works. The book I’m using is;

One Zentangle a Day book.

One Zentangle a Day book.

Not getting along overly well with it, there are a lot of tangles in it and it has more wording than I’ve seen on previews of other Zentanlge books on Amazon preview, but I’m not sure how and when to turn the card, so kinda winging it. I also get the feeling that the style show in the way it is in the book puts pressure on and leads you to over think things a bit.

I have really enjoyed Tiffany’s tutorials on Zentangle on You Tube as you see the tangle created and are then able to use the design show in a more freestyle way. Have to say I’m on the fence about Zentangle, the relaxation part works but as yet haven’t created something that I ‘love’ at the other end. Maybe because I’m still learning. There seem to be a lot of ‘rules’ about Zentangle which to me flies in the face of it being a calming thing. But hey, I guess The Tea ceremony and calligraphy are also zen like activites and they too have a set way of doing things, so maybe it isn’t so strange.

Do you tangle? Would love to see what you have drawn, there seems to be a wide range of ways people use this art form. If you have found any great tutorial sites do let me know and I’ll try and add them to the Art tab at the top of the blog.

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon


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